• Window repair
    Great prices and quality for your auto glass repair. We can replace glass for your car, truck, suv or van window. We can even do mirror replacement! Get the automotive glass repaired on your vehicle in West Palm Beach at Napleton Collision Center!
    • Side windows
    • Windshield replacement
    • Back Window repair
    • Side mirror repair
    • Power Window repair and replacement

    All services come with the amazing Napleton customer service that customers have come to expect when doing business with Napleton!

  • Automotive structural repair
    When you are in an accident with your vehicle you can sometimes do more damage than what you see. Our experts will do a structural damage diagnosis on your automobile. If you do have structural damage, our body shop technicians will then begin your automotive structural repair. This is the process of a technician using a computer based system to analyze the frame of your vehicle. Once they analyze your vehicle, they will use machines to return it to the original factory specifications. This process is something you want a professional collision center doing to make sure it is done correctly and the vehicle returns to its like new state.

  • Paintless dent removal
    Paintless dent removal is a great way to remove dents from your vehicle and still retain the cars value. By going this route to fix your vehicles dents, there are no fillers used, no painting and you save money! Paintless dent removal is a great way to go when you have those small dings in your vehicles body. When you come to Napleton Collision and you are looking for quality paintless dent removal in West Palm Beach, we are there for you!
    • Also known as paintless dent repair
    • Can be done on both aluminum and steel panels
    • Paintless dent removal saves time!
    • Retain your vehicles value
    • No bondo or fillers required!
    • No painting required
    • Keep your vehicles beautiful factory paint job!
    • Palm Beach counties choice for paintless dent removal

  • Automotive refinishing
    Automotive refinishing serving West Palm Beach and all of Palm Beach County. Automotive refinishing is important to have done at an automotive body shop. Napleton Collision Center is staffed with trained professionals that take pride in refinishing your vehicle. If you need a car, truck, van or suv refinished we can help. If you leave automotive refinishing up to somebody that is not thoroughly trained or does not take pride in their work it will be reflected every time you look at your vehicle. When we are refinishing a vehicle, we have a process that we follow to ensure that your vehicle comes out looking like new. Setup an appointment above for Auto Refinishing at Napleton Collision Center. When having your vehicle refinished some things our techs must account for are:
    • Correct paint color
    • Paint thickness
    • Calculating the exact amount needed
    • Blending with any paint that will be left on the vehicle

  • Auto body repair
    Auto body repair is for the outer fiberglass and metal and other materials of the outer body of a vehicle. This does not include the chassis or mechanical parts. Napleton Collision Center takes pride in our auto body repair. Have you been in an accident recently? When you are in need of auto body repair it is important to make sure you select a body shop that will take pride in your vehicle. Napleton Collision will do everything to ensure your vehicle comes out looking new. Auto body repair is our specialty, we will get your vehicle done quickly without compromising our high standards. We offer great prices for your Auto body repair, if your insurance is not covering it. If you are covered by insurance for this work you’re in luck, we work with all insurances.

  • Car Painting
    Is your vehicle starting to show age? Napleton Collision can help with ageing vehicles. Maybe you have been in a collision and need body work and a paint job. Our experts have been thoroughly trained in painting cars to make them look like new. Painting your car is not something you want to try at home. There are many factors you must deal with when painting a vehicle. Our trained technicians paint every auto like it is their own. When you bring your car to Napleton for a paintjob whether it is just to freshen it up or if its because you have been in an accident, we strive to make it look just like the brand new vehicles on a dealership lot. Getting your car painted is something you do not want to cut corners on, it is something you will have to see every day for years to come. That is why you do not want to cut corners when picking out a body shop.

  • Bumper repair
    If you have been in a minor accident with another car or even worse something else you may have damaged bumpers. If you have damaged bumpers and the rest of your vehicle looks great you probably cringe every time you look at your car. Well you do not have to worry. Napleton Collision does bumper repair and can get those bumpers back to looking new. I does not matter if you have minor bumper damage or major bumper damage we can help. Our trained technicians can repair your bumper and even paint it to match your cars current paint job. Another thing to consider with a damaged bumper is safety. Your bumpers are designed to protect you and the rest of your vehicle. If your bumpers are damaged and you do not have them repaired you are risking much more than just cosmetics. Napleton Collision can get your bumpers looking like new again for a great price!

  • Headlight restoration
    Does your beautiful vehicle have foggy headlights? Are your headlights yellow? Great news!! Napleton Collision does headlight restoration to return them to a much cleaner look. It is common that over the years the paint on your vehicle stays looking good and new, but your headlights start to fade and turn foggy. The good news is these foggy headlights are not something you must deal with for the rest of your cars life. Napleton Collision has the ability to restore them and make the plastic look new again! This not only effects the look of your vehicle but it also effects the performance as well. After letting Napleton Restore your headlights in West Palm Beach you will be able to see much farther at night! We have a great price for this service and you can schedule an appointment above.

  • Many more

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  • Paintless dent removal
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  • Headlight restoration

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